Addressing Childhood Obesity

addressing childhood obesity

Addressing childhood obesity is an unchallenging task. Obesity is becoming a common nuisance for children in their early childhood.

Well, many problems are faced by juveniles these days, especially health problems such as obesity. Addressing childhood obesity is an important issue that should be discussed among youth for awareness.

Definition Of Obesity

An ailment that resembles excessive fat entailed in a body further upsurges the possibility of other disorders in an individual.

Why Childhood Obesity Is Common These Days?

Irrefutably, There are disparate reasons for the existence of corpulence nowadays. Not only elders but youngsters are also battling with this situation.

Accustomed Habit Of Eating Junk Food

As it is obvious that teenagers commute to various places for different purposes such as a school for study, theaters for watching movies, and markets for shopping. So the majority of spots have the attainability of fast food. Therefore, children consume these kinds of eatables to experiment with their food or just to remove their hunger. These edibles include excessive fat which is hazardous for one’s physique but still, they are over-ingesting it and becoming more negligent towards their state of health.

Influence Of Social Media

In general, multitudes are accessing social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Accordingly, these apps show advertisements to a great extent associated with food and even many restaurants promote them by the dint of social networking sites. Thereupon such ads leave mark on the mindset of onlookers. Further, they ponder to try such foodstuff for their satisfaction.

Moreover, youth are getting influenced by their dreamboats and they follow their accounts plus imitate their activities. Along with it, they desire to have the same eating habits as their role models. So following this they eat aliments without thinking twice and considering whether it is good or it leads to several disorders.

Favoring Sedentary Livelihood

Generally talking, Children especially of the age group 6-18 are nowadays are desk bounded. As they need each and everything automatically. Even kids operate their cell phones or watch television while having their meals. Masses had become techno-savvy so they make use of their cellular phones and just place an order of outside food rather than preparing homemade food.

There are many apps, for instance, Zomato, Swiggy, Erasure, etc which are introduced in several countries and certainly have high ratings because most folks are having benefit from them. It seems easy for them to have outside food in view of the fact that these apps provide fast delivery of cuisines at reasonable prices. Hence, mankind is getting overweight just because of their sluggish behavior.

What Can Be Done To Avoid It?

Opting Balance Diet Food

Food is a predominant thing for everyone. If the person will follow a sensible diet then there is surety of healthful living but if there is inanition then an individual will certainly suffer from several diseases such as Anorexia Nervosa (overweight), Bulimia Nervosa (overeating), Pica(habit of eating unnutritious food). Most of the disorders develop from early childhood or adolescence so children should be very conscious of their eating habits so that there will be slighter chances of ailments and a high life expectancy.

Embrace Appropriate Physical Exercises

Certainly, the preponderance of the population is having a hectic schedule and multitasking so they don’t have enough time for themselves. In this fast pace life, each person is having their tasks and duties such as children being over-embellished in their studies, younger ones facing bad luck in making their career, and mature ones employed in various jobs and facing problems in work-life balance. Therefore to fulfill each aspiration individuals are not getting involved in any physical exercises. One should do meditation for self-relaxation, yoga for fitness, and walking for good digestion. Moreover, working out can leads to a serene life.

Some Physical Exercises Some Asanas
Glute Bridge Paschimottanasana
Planks Virabhadrasna
Burpees Utkatasana
Single-leg Deadlifts Phalakasana
Dumbbell Rows Ustrasana
squats Chaturanga Dandasana




































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