Crime among children

crime among children

Crime among children is so common. Juveniles are the future of the country. There are many developments that are taking place in this contemporary era and most of these developments had took place because of youngsters. 

However, some children are recklessly participating in illegal activities. There are many underlying factors of juvenile delinquency.

Underlying Factors For Juvenile Delinquency

 In this modern era, both parents are working and due to their hectic schedules, they are unable to give attention to their children. Offsprings have a lot of burdens with their studies and other personal issues but they are unable to share their feelings with their parents because of a lack of communication. Just because parents do have not sufficient time to ask their juveniles about their life, children are becoming more isolated and now they feel hesitant to talk with them. Therefore, they are likely to spend most of their time lonely and due to their isolation, they build negative thoughts and commit crimes.

Influence Of Social Media 

Nowadays, most children are extroverts and they are fond of using social apps to socialize. Although these apps entail beneficial information still it also includes negative content which is not apt for youth. In addition to reducing loneliness and promoting mental health issues in youngsters, excessive network usage also reduces knowledge and increases the risk of crime. Hence, they are getting distracted from their path and provoke themselves to imitate activities that they find interesting but actually, they are violent which further makes them offenders. Criminality is a drawback of social media that is now still causing controversy and is primarily explored concerning kidnapping, fraud, and hacking. These offenses may endanger young people’s safety when they use social media.

 Hacking is a risky type of criminal activity. With the popularity of accounts owned by young people and many intelligent people today, it is almost possible that the person’s account will be hacked.Because of this crime among children is on peak.

Opting Wrong Idols 

There are different choices of individuals so each child has different dreamboats. Many personalities are followed by juveniles. For instance, children use to copy different actors, sports person, and businessmen. Sometimes these celebrities are different from their screen character as they use to do illegal activities which are often captured by paparazzi and they use to reveal their real character in front of the public. So these kinds of acts provoke children to do the same because they think it is right as their idols are doing it so.

Peer Pressure

 Friends play an integral role in a teenager’s life. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to stress because they are in a developmental stage where they are increasingly separating from their parents’ influence but have not yet established their values or a clear understanding of how people interact with one another or the ramifications of their actions.

Most of the time after their parents juvenile consider their friends as their secret keepers. They use to agree to all the pieces of advice which are suggested by their parents. But the wrong fellow group will encourage ones to do the same as they do. For instance, if the friend is likely to have drug consumption then he will support his friend to have it too. So, this way they stray from their path and perform illegal activities.Furthermore, crime among children will escalate.

Solutions To Overcome This Situation

Parental Influence:

Parents should spend quality time and have trips to know more about their children. As if they get to know about their strength and weakness then a child can easily share anything about them. Parents should attend parent-teacher meetings so that they get to know about how their offspring are behaving and studying regarding their academics.

Although parents are concerned about peer pressure in general, they can also have a significant impact on whether children give in to it. Parents would be wise to concentrate on establishing a happy, encouraging home atmosphere so instead of worrying about the effects of their children’s friendships. In this manner, even if your child experiences peer pressure to behave in a certain way, they will feel comfortable approaching you to discuss it first.By this crime among children can be easily reduced.

Limited Use Of Social Media:

Secondly, children should avoid overspending on social media and concentrate their minds on the right things such as exploring new places and knowing about current affairs instead of watching violating acts. Social media use has many advantages, but it is useless if it leads to criminal behavior. Therefore, it mostly depends on the individual and how he uses social media. By restricting its use, a person can devote more of their time to productive activities like concentrating on their work, interacting with others, and encouraging their creativity and also crime among children will reduce. Consequently, “do good, hope well”

Better Selection Of Friends:

Eventually, be selective while choosing friends because friendship is a relation that one can make with their choice. Our parents usually remind us to select our friends wisely since they can have both positive and bad effects on our lives. Because the appropriate friend or companion could make our lives more fulfilling, serene, and significant, it is important to proceed with caution on this topic. So the decision of friends should be right otherwise it will create a blunder in life by diverting in illegal or other offensive activities.


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