Merits and demerits of technology

There are several merits and demerits of technology. People are making a lot of progress for a better life. In this contemporary era, individuals are taking a lot of assistance from technology as it is used everywhere. 

For instance, computers are used for sustaining data and business-related stuff, an air conditioner is used to have relief from the unbearable heat, and mobiles are carried by the public as it entails various functions which are making every task unchallenging but there are several reservations too for this development which can not be overlooked. There are multifarious merits and demerits of technology.

Pros of technology

Conversion of the daunting tasks into effortless activity:

 In past, technology was absent so people have to perform their tasks by themselves which leads to the wastage of energy and time as well. In this fast pace life mankind become annoyed promptly as they have less forbearance power but due to the introduction of technical gadgets, people are saving time and performing their task peacefully. Therefore, folks can use their time more efficiently and productively.

 Efficiency in tasks is increased: 

There is a lot of difference between the human mind and computer eligibility. The computer includes various modifications which can act our tasks more structured and logical whereas there might be a lot of blunders while performing any task by the human mind. For instance, data is required to be stored for a long time in large businesses or organizations so previously corporations use to recruit clerks but nowadays due to betterment in applied science this job is considered futile. As machinery is carrying out such tasks in a couple of minutes.

 Availability of choices for the users:

 Technology provides abundant features to the user which can help in making profuse modifications which further leads to positive effects on the chore and the performer can enhance his imagination and can exhibit the task in varied methods. A lot of facts are provided in cyberspace so one can learn and gain knowledge of anything. There is no limitation in the internet era. Even a person can become flawless by acquiring skills in working with technology. Presently and later these skills have a scope so one can have handsome in future.

Cons of technology

Increase in the chance of overdependence: 

Nowadays masses are fond of doing their task by using various types of equipment as it makes work easier and more time-saving so they are becoming habitual of using the technology which is further leading to artificialness in a piece of work. People started making limited efforts as they are relying on technology. This further vanishes their analytical skills. There are many technological gadgets that are invented in every sector from business to home chores. people are investing a lot of time in using social media due to which they are getting diverted from their task.

 Deleterious to the environment:

 Numerous experiments are performed while the invention of new advancements results in many damaging effects on the environment. Diverse gases and natural resources are released from industries. Moreover, sometimes flora and fauna are the substantial sources used for testing which eventually have a great impact on the environment. Mechanization is the main reason for pollution. People’s demand is increasing therefore consumerism is also rising. So the productivity scale of most companies has increased as machines are used in the production of resources which further creates air and noise pollution.

 Fear of losing jobs:

The majority of the public had become techno-savvy now. Multitasking is performed with the use of technology which leads to the loss of labor and results in unemployment for many people. Individuals are holding their degrees at home and are unable to show their potential because they are jobless. As result, due to unemployment people are committing crimes to serve their families and to fulfill their needs. Hence, merits and demerits of technology should be known by everyone. 


In termination, there are merits and demerits of technology as discussed above, so one should not overuse and destroy the environment for profits. Each use of technology should be done while having a check on the outcome first.

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